With 2015 right around the corner, it is necessary to take a look about what I hope 2015 will bring for me and my business.  Have you taken the time to look at your future?  Some people are planning to set their New Year’s resolutions on New Year’s Day, but to me that is like trying to catch the 8:50 train at 9:00.  That’s right it’s already gone.  Of course the other side to setting a goal is the excuse that some are using, where they are convincing themselves that the country is in such trouble or on it’s way downhill until it would be a waste of time to plan for a positive future.  Yeah, that’s just an excuse.  I believe if we all got serious about success we would see positive changes in our society.  It is necessary to remind ourselves, that as a group we make up the society we live in and when the only thing going on is complaining then our societies will be less than a success.  That’s why I am getting even more serious about being a success in 2015.  My online talk show, Designing Your Life Today has over 200,000 listeners, but I am taking things up to the next level.  The goal is to have over 1,000,000 listeners by June 2015.  What’s in that for you?  We will be sharing information that will guide you toward living a quality lifestyle.  It doesn’t matter where you are in your life today.  Getting serious about success will bring many unexpected opportunities.  I am making the commitment to be more focus and more committed to doing my best.  I am using every talent and skill that I have to make my environment better.  Join me by making the commitment to do the same and whatever your dream is, it will come true.  Happy Coming New Year!!  I am ready!  Are you?