Start Winning: How to Achieve Like the Top 8 Percent

You have what it takes to be a power achiever, too!

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                  Start Winning

You Can Achieve Like the Top 8 Percent 

Each year 92% of those who set goals, fail to achieve them.  What does the 8% know that the 92% must know to start achieving?  This step by step guidebook will give you the answers to becoming an achiever like the top 8%.

Goal Achievement Strategist, Pat Council has been helping small business owners, sales people and customer service representatives successfully achieve goals with consistency for more than 15 years.  Now, she shares some great techniques that make goal achievement easier.  Make 2017 your year to achieve your desires!  Her step by step guidebook will help you make that happen.

  • Are you ready to start achieving your goals and seeing the results you have always imagined?
  • Is it time to start achieving your sales goals, fitness goals, or other goals you desire?

Become the energetic entrepreneur who knows how to accomplish business goals with consistency while overcoming challenges.  Release your potential and start achieving using the strategies and proven principles provided by goal achievement strategists, Pat Council. Become the power achiever you’ve always imagined you could be.

Start Fueling Your Achieving Power

Get answers to what has been preventing you from achieving your goals.  Build better relationships and start making connections that brings results.

Make an Authentic Connection to Your Purpose 

Identify obtacles that are preventing you from winning.  We were all born to serve a purpose and win at the game of life.


Find out the basic principles to follow that will bring the achievement desired. Learn the truth about what it really takes to achieve. Conquer fitness challenges, increase sales and income, improve business productivity, start achieving personal and family goals and discover your true goals while connecting with your most authentic self.  Also, learn the secret to creating a vision board that works. This guidebook is your personal guide to building the personal and business life you want.  Give yourself the freedom of achievement. Start taking control of your destiny.


Read the introduction to each lesson, answer the questions that reveals your most passionate goals, and act on your answers.  Create your personal winning spree using the simple day to day strategies you will learn.  Start accomplishing with consistency and clarity. Also, easily design your dream life and be clear about the most immediate goals you want to achieve.


Get 9 bonuses free, which includes free entrance to our Level 1-Power Achievement Club.  Get the opportunity to share and interact with others who are already achieving.  Bonuses in this book includes video tutorials, that makes goal achievement principles easier to understand and implement.